Dr. Eric Yarnell has finally published his much anticipated textbook, Natural Approach to Urology 2nd edition, by Wild Briliance Press. This is a substantial update of the 1st edition that took 16 years to write. Like his other textbook, Natural Approach to Gastroenterology, this is the definitive text of its kind in the field of natural medicine. Simply nothing else like it exists, helping health care providers and medical students of all kinds to understand and help patients with urinary tract problems from a naturopathic point of view.

Dr. Yarnell used his extensive clinical experience focusing on problems of the urinary tract and men’s reproductive tracts along with exhaustive reseach to complete the texts. There are over 10,000 references to studies to support the validity of the contents of the book.

While this text is not meant for patients, it ultimately will benefit patients by improving their providers’ understanding and broadening their choice of therapeutic (and preventative) options.

It is available at: www.wildbrilliancepress.com.

The companion volume to this, Natural Approach to Prostate Conditions 2nd edition, was published August, 2017. It provides a similar wealth of information on preventing and treating the various problems that affect the prostate.