About Us
Are you ready…. For a whole new healthcare experience?

The practitioners at Nutima Integrative Medicine are experienced leaders in their fields of expertise. The NIM team collaborates when necessary to ensure the highest quality care for our patients.

We believe in empowering the patient by moving from a physician-centered approach to a patient-centered approach. The Physician’s job is not to tell the patient what to do, but to help educate the patient about their health, and give them the tools necessary for reaching their optimal wellness.

At Nutima Integrative Medicine we are going to be your guide on this journey towards regaining your health. We are here to collaborate with you, the patient, about what treatment strategies work for you and your lifestyle. Our practitioners have access to many different modalities, such as, one of the only comprehensive herbal medicine dispensaries in the Pacific Northwest, therapeutic injection therapies, Intravenous micronutrient therapy, supplements, hydrotherapy, nutritional assessments, sophisticated testing techniques, and many, many more methods to help you achieve your optimal health.

Every employee of Nutima Integrative Medicine embodies the four core values of the clinic. This ensures that all patients of the clinic will have the most enriching healthcare experience.

Nutima Integrative Medicine’s Core Values:

  • Our first responsibility is to our patients. As practitioners we will facilitate the journey towards health, by helping the patient take responsibility for his or her own health.
  • We will treat all people with respect and integrity to ensure an open and honest work environment.
  • We will require all of our practitioners to continually update their skills in order to provide the highest level of care for our patients.
  • We will encourage our employees to be actively involved in their communities.

Our personalized approach to integrative natural medicine can yield impressive outcomes, especially, for those dealing with chronic conditions who have exhausted everything that conventional medicine has to offer.

Call today to begin your journey towards optimal health and renewed vitality!