In our modern world we are surrounded with synthetic chemicals that have essentially never been tested for safety in humans. We accept an enormous number of products and chemicals as normal yet they are practically unknown from an evolutionary perspective. Given the fact that so many synthetic chemicals are ultimately shown to be toxic, often in totally unexpected and unpredictable ways, and the poor history of the chemical industry in terms of telling the truth about its products, this has to be rethought. I firmly believe we must greatly reduce our exposure to these chemicals if we want to seriously reduce our risk of many diseases, most notably cancer. Here are some links to help understand this process and to switch to a chemical-free lifestyle.

Non-toxic, easy to make, home cleaning products alternatives.

Non-toxic home pest control alternatives.

Environmental Working Group’s searchable database of chemicals in personal card products. A great tool for finding safe alternatives and understanding how many unsafe products are out there.

Chemical Industry Archives of the Environmental Working Group present clear and complete proof of innumerable instances of lies and cover-ups by numerous chemical companies about the pollution they create, the toxicity of their products, and the incredible lengths they are willing to go to maximize profits in the face of horrendous injury and death.

Bill Moyer’s Trade Secrets documentary on the lies and bad behavior by the chemical industry.

US Environmental Protection Agency’s research on why pesticides in food are harmful.