Prostate Ultrasound

Location in Seattle: Tahoma Clinic North

To schedule:
call 206-402-4215
or 602-493-2273

Power Color Doppler Ultrasound is used to produce sonographic images of the prostate. It is essentially a “high-tech” version of traditional ultrasound, which uses high-frequency sound waves to produce a detailed image of the body’s internal structures.

One primary advantage of Power Color Doppler Ultrasound in the detection of prostate cancer is that it has a much higher resolution and the ability to highlight (hence the term “color” in the name) areas of blood flow in dense or soft tissue. This allows specific problems, such as tumors or inflammation, to be viewed and measured clearly.

Prostate sonograms are safe, painless, and inexpensive (compared to other imaging techniques such as CT or MRI). Unlike other screening methods, they can be repeated as often as necessary to closely monitor areas of concern and assess treatment efficacy. For these reasons, sonograms have been found to be a more effective alternative to biopsies in detecting prostate tumors, and superior to MRI and PET/CT Scans as a means for tracking these tumors.

Every 3-6 months Tahoma Clinic North hosts an expert in this technology to make this specialized monitoring technique available for patients in Seattle. Other practitioners in the Pacific Northwest are also welcome to refer their patients for the scan if they wish. Anyone who is interested should call 206-402-4215 (in Seattle) for details on the next dates available and all other details. The testing is available year-round in Phoenix. All scans are performed by Dr. Tamburri; Dr. Yarnell does not perform any such testing. Dr. Yarnell can help with interpretation of the scans and with developing and monitoring a treatment and testing program for whatever is determined to be the problem.

For more information, download the scientific research studies below

Pr ca color Doppler best dx 2000 (143 KB PDF)

Pr ca color Doppler US 2008 (201 KB PDF)