Transgender Care
Imagine . . . Being celebrated by your doctor for your unique identity!

Dr. Gresham offers gender-affirmative hormone therapy, including oral medications, patches, injections, topical hormones and hormone pellet implants.

In an ideal world, going to your doctor should be an uplifting experience. Sadly, this is often not the case for the transgender and non-binary individuals. Many individuals experience discrimination from their doctors, are offered inappropriate services, do not have their pronouns or preferred name utilized or they have to spend time educating their doctor about their situation. Additionally, many people report discomfort discussing important issues with their doctor due to fear of judgment. Ultimately, these things decrease the quality of care that these individuals receive. Dr. Gresham strives to change this for her patients.

Dr. Gresham’s approach is first-and-foremost focused on a shared decision making, informed consent model. Dr. Gresham considers the WPATH guidelines, as well as the UCSF’s guidelines when making treatment suggestions. Dr. Gresham is also well-versed and comfortable using alternative methodologies, such as The Dr. Will Power’s Method, including medications like bicalutamide.

After her own experiences receiving inadequate health care due to her status as a kinky, queer woman, Dr. Lauren Gresham has been on a mission to make her own practice better. It is always Dr. Gresham’s goal that you feel totally at ease being yourself and discussing any issue that are important to you.

Transgender and LGBTQ Services Offered:

  • Gender Affirmative Hormone Treatments (oral medications, patches, injections, topical hormones, and hormone pellets)
  • Dr. Gresham Follows the Informed Consent Model
  • Alternative Protocols Such as the Dr. Will Powers Method
  • Bicalutamide Therapy
  • Comprehensive Referrals to other providers as necessary
  • LGBTQ Primary Care
  • Sexual Health
  • PrEP Therapy

If you identify with any of the terms below, Dr. Lauren Gresham would be honored to be your doctor:

  • Transgender, genderqueer, agender, gender non-conforming, non-binary gender
  • Practitioner of BDSM or other kink or fetish lifestyles
  • Polyamorous, swinger or other alternative relationship styles
  • Lesbian, gay, bisexual, pansexual, queer, sapiosexual, asexual and more

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